Staged music performance for one flutist, live electronics and one overhead projector.

Moord catches the extreme act of killing during its unfolding, like a series of snapshots.

Concept/music/live electronics: Cinzia Nistico

Flute: Klaasje Nieuwhof

Visuals: Esther Urlus


Digital/analog opera for one voice, electronics and 16mm. projectors based on the love obsession of Adele Hugo.

Concept, music, electronics, text: Cinzia NIstico

Voice: Anat Spiegel

Visuals: Esther Urlus


Performed by ensemble Black Pencil. Awarded Honorary Mention for the Black Pencil Prize 2018.


Part of the program “Shifting Images” for clarinet, electronics and photosequences. All sounds in the electronic are taken from the clarinet. This piece was written specially for Michel Marang. Music by Cinzia Nistico. Image and clarinet by Michel Marang


excerpt from the movie by Cinzia Nistico

“The staging of a delirium from its breaking through till a total contamination of a young man’s reality”

Concert/film performance

For two screens, clarinet and cello. Michel Marang clarinet Antinis Pratsinakis cello


Halber Mensch (half a man) depicts a human condition for which, a dramatic change in one’s life, causes such overwhelm to induce to seek safeness into a past image of oneself. This ‘ex-identity’, becomes a kind of ghost, with which, any interaction’s attempt, is due to failure. A feeling of loss, of being misplaced, often follows a major change. Then the past is perceived as a safe shelter, but yet accessible. Performed by  Cseallox Duo


This teaser is from a live recording of 6.Madonna performed by AMCO Ensemble. It was part of a project inspired by Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire. My Pierrot Lunaire is drug addicted. The interesting thing about such condition is the attachment of the identity with an altered persona. The experience of such altered Self is so strong to exclude any other possible Self. There is desperation when there is lack of choice in who to be. The text is taken both from the same piece in the original Pierrot Lunaire and from the movie Christiane F.


Concert, film, theater… The staging of a delirium from its breaking through till a total contamination of a young man’s reality.

21st Sept. 2014 h. 20.30 Splendor Amsterdam