Hockey by Cinzia Nistico for Project 128

Recording: SAE Institute Amsterdam
Mixing&Editing: Nina Kraszewska

“The title Hockey refers to one of the sounds I used in the track. Hockey, as a game, is more violent than people normally expect, so I also wanted to use that energy in my piece.” – Cinzia Nistico

Project 128 is an acoustic-techno band based in Amsterdam, consisting of acoustic and electronic instrumentalists, composers, and DJs. The group explores new sounds and grooves, and presents a live event with a fresh experience that transcends boundaries of acoustic and electronic music.


Written for Duo Harpverk and performed in Reykjavík. Recording by Rikhardur H. Fridriksson. Dedicated to Igor Iofe


THE GENERATOR  by Cinzia Nistico excerpt live

Michel Marang clarinet Antinis Pratsinakis cello

THE GENERATOR  by Cinzia Nistico excerpt from the movie

Michel Marang clarinet Antinis Pratsinakis cello



“Achter Mij” is an internal monologue in which all inner forces are displayed. The driving force is the duduk and everything else is to enlarge, oppose or support the world the duduk creates. Performed by Ensemble 528Hz

Recording and mixing – Jason Alder
N&K Music and Audio,



Written for the Bartok Festival, live recording. György Lakatos, basson; PéterTornyai, viola; László Borbély, piano


Live recording performed in Vienna in 2012 by TRUE LOBSTER DUOCaroline Mayrhofer – Blockflöten, Michael Öttl – Gitarren



Live recording performed in Ostrava  by Quasar Ensemble, conducted by Ivan Buffa, within the festival  Music Days  2011