The Generator


A 3 levels staged concert and film inspired by the novel “Flight into darkness” by Arthur Schnitzler
For  clarinet, cello, two screens and two projectors.

THE GENERATOR uses the two narratives of film and music in a parallel form of development but dissociated from each other. This project challenges the audience to reassemble the information in their perception giving space to their feelings and interpretation and remapping the story in their own minds.


Concept, directing, music, electronics, script, production and editing: Cinzia Nistico | Clarinet: Michel Marang| Cello: Antonis Pratsinakis | Sound Design: Igor Iofe
Actors:Thomas: Matthew Carney; Otto: Erik van Rossem; Dr. Leinbach: Martin Fase; Höhnburg: Alexandre Galvao; Kahnberg: Francis Cox; Dr. Gundirev:Janusz Madej|; Alberta: Kamila Grzymala Camerawork: Thijo van Beek and Michel Marang on location

Special thanks: De Bekeerde Suster, Splendor Amsterdam, Tiziana Pintus, Igor iofe, and James Murray for the lighting


Thomas is back in town after a long vacation spent in Italy to sooth his nerves. Over the course of a night, things develop tragically for both Thomas and his elder brother His deranged mind starts to build a thick web of obsessions and misunderstandings with far-reaching consequences.