Cinzia Nistico was born in Milan, graduated in composition in London (Trinity college of Music) and Milan (Conservatorio di Musica) and is unfolding her creativity in Amsterdam were she met her teacher Fabio Nieder.

When composing, she dedicate full attention to designing emotional sounds. In her collaboration with instrumentalists, her main question is how to force the instrument out of its own nature, how to contradict the very identity of that instrument or sound. The friction between a “natural” sound and the artificial intervention on it is at the core of her inspiration. Her aim is to bring forward the person behind the instrument, the uniqueness of the musician, by evoking the struggle for self affirmation.

In her multimedia works she likes to create hybrid formats. Since her first interdisciplinary work Halber Mensch in and through her subsequent works The Generator and Adele Hugo, she made a series of projects centred on the search for identity and the opposition of the individual against the multiplicity of the mob. How much can a single person do to change the behaviour of the group and how much the group erodes the identity of the individual.

Her music has been performed in UK, NL, IT, AU, DK, HU, DE, CZ, CN, IS, RU, UZ, RO, LU. Among other festivals she participated to Milano Musica, Grachten Festival, ADE, Amsterdam Fringe Festival, Open Days, Sync’d, Innersound. She was awarded the Honorary Mention at the Prix Annelie De Man 2018.

Her music has been performed, among others, by the Atlas Ensemble, Ensemble Risognanze, Orchestre National de Lorraine, Quasar Ensemble, True Lobster Duo, Michel Marang, Ensemble 528Hz, Duo Harpverk, Project 128, Ensemble Black Pencil.