MOORD en Assail

Two audiovisual performances: Moord by Cinzia Nistico and Assail by Annel La Berge, in an evening curated by Annel La Berge.

Splendor Amsterdam 10th June 19:30

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MOORD describes the act of killing without showing the murder. It catches an extreme act during its unfolding, like a series of snapshots. It also suggest the victim’s resistance to stay alive stressing the conflict between existence and non-existing.

The piece investigates the many aspects touched by the crime-genre, which so much fascinates artists and audiences.

Concept/music/live electronics: Cinzia Nistico

Flute/voice: Klaasje Nieuwhof

Visuals: Esther Urlus

Moord was made thanks to  Balkonscénes Fonds Podium Kunsten