ADELE HUGO in Amsterdam Fringe Festival

Digital/analog opera for one voice, electronics and 16mm. projectors based on the love obsession of Adele Hugo.

Believing that an old marriage proposal is still open, Adele Hugo flees her parents home in Guernsey, to reach the British military officer Albert Pinson in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Despite his countless rejections she stays firm in the belief that they where made for each other.

Don’t ask me how I found you, don’t ask me how long it took me to cruise the ocean, as for to be united is the only worry we should have.

Behind an allure of a post-adolescent love, the biographic story of Adele Hugo poses more existential questions about the limits of our will and desires. We have been sold the idea that we should feed our dreams, that the impossible is possible, that we are the masters of our own destiny. But our contemporary limitless mythology has a dark side which follow the same dynamics as fanaticism.

Not everything can be controlled by us and some dreams may become nightmares.

Everything in the music and in the electronics is an elaboration of the voice of the singer, everything get mixed together, ’artificial’ and ‘natural’, digital and analog, real and imaginary. Each sound you will hear is already existing on stage: the sound of the projectors, the voice of the singer. Yet, it’s all a manipulation.


Thanks to AFK, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Amsterdam Fringe Festival, Plein Theatre Amsterdam, Worm Rotterdam




concept, music, electronics, text: Cinzia Nistico

voice, acting: Anat Spiegel

visuals, projectors: Esther Urlus

dramaturgy, stage direction: Ingrid Askvik

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